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  • Environmental

    Over the years, Krishna Lamicoat has been an exponent with a vision as well as a mission.

    Over the years, Krishna Lamicoat has been an exponent with a vision as well as a mission. We understand the fact that environmental-friends products are the need of the hour, and thus, we produce and manufacture them accordingly. 

    Environmental Friendly
    Krishna Lamicoat is a leader with a vision and a mission.  We understand the need for the production and manufacture of environment friendly products. Damage to the environment will have long-term repercussions and cause immense damage. Krishna Lamicoat‘s products are 100% eco-friendly recycled paper produced in accordance with a quality system that meets all international eco-standards.

    Shredding Service
    The introduction of SHREAD IT, a shredding machine used for shredding old and unused paper documents and records which are processed and manufactured as recycled paper. This incidentally can also be accomplished in your own office premises under supervision.

    Recycling Waste
    What we do is, we take back all used material and plastic from the garment factories we supply to and recycle and process it in a unique manner. This has helped achieve a reduction of waste.

    Wastage audit
    Established a baseline and conduct a waste assessment / audit regularly. Consider using a third-party waste management group to assist.

    Wastage program with our suppliers
    Waste Exchange program with our suppliers for recycling the waste generated out of production.

    Rain water Harvest
    Rain water harvesting has been implemented at our factory for usage of non-potable water.

    Solar Panels
    Putting up solar panels for clean and green electricity and reduce the carbon foot print.