Microperforated and Perforated Underlay


Krishna’s perforated underlay paper for vacuumising on automatic cutters

  • Performance at pre-dermined distance to suit the fabric
  • Precisely punched for uniform vaccumisation

Width – standard widths  (92 cm) 36″,  (122 cm) 48″, (158 cm) 62″ & (182cm) 72″ maximum up to (304 cm)120″

Standard perforation: 5.00mm diameter of the hole and distance is 25mm
Less perforation: 5.00mm is the diameter of the holes and distance is 50 mm
Micro perforated : 25mm distance of the needle punch.

Premium Quality Standard Quality Economy Quality Extra Economy Quality
High strength Kraft paper 80 gsm Regular Kraft paper 100 gsm Economy grey perforated Paper 60 gsm Low Grammage perforated paper 30-35 gsm


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