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    How Twisted Paper Handles Make A Difference In Paper Bags

    How Twisted Paper Handles Make A Difference In Paper Bags

    Paper bags have long been a standard in the packaging industry as an environmentally preferable substitute for plastic. The handles are one of the many elements that make a paper bag functional and attractive. In particular, twisted paper handles are a special characteristic that distinguishes some bags from the competition. If you belong to the paper bag industry and want twisted paper handles for paper bags, reach out to Krishna Lamicoat Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading Twisted Paper Rope Handle Manufacturers in India and worldwide.

    Krishna Lamicoat does not only count among the leading Twisted Paper Rope Handle Manufacturers in India but also a Top Specialty Paper Manufacturers. If you belong to the garment industry and want Pattern Paper, Plotter Paper, Underlay Paper, etc., contact us today. In this blog, we’ll delve into how twisted paper handles significantly affect paper bags.

    Let’s dive into the detailed discussion:-

    • Strength and Durability
    • Comfort and Ergonomics
    • Versatility in Design
    • Eco-Friendly Credentials
    • Cost-Efficiency
    • Customizable Branding Opportunities
    • Easy to Attach

    Strength and Durability:

    The strength and longevity of twisted paper handles are its main advantages. These handles, made by securely tying together several paper strands, can support a substantial amount of weight. As a result, you may carry bigger objects without worrying about the handles ripping or cracking.

    Comfort and Ergonomics:

    The handles made of twisted paper can offer a secure grip. By adapting to the curvature of the hand, the twisted structure uniformly distributes the weight and reduces pain during transportation. This capability is extremely important for clients who may be transporting their items across greater distances.

    Versatility in Design:

    Twisted paper handles can be highly customized because they are available in various hues, shapes, and patterns. Businesses can match the handles to their branding or develop eye-catching and distinctive packaging solutions thanks to the design’s adaptability. A well-designed twisted paper handle can improve the aesthetic appeal of the bag.

    Eco-Friendly Credentials:

    Paper bags are preferred over plastic counterparts for various reasons, including environmental friendliness. Twisted paper handles well complement this concept. They are biodegradable, recyclable, and created from natural, renewable resources. Compared to plastic handles, they have a substantially smaller negative environmental impact. If you are looking for one of the reputed Twisted Paper Rope Handle Manufacturers, contact Krishna Lamicoat today.


    Businesses can find a cost-effective solution in twisted paper handles. Production costs are often lower than alternative handle choices, like rope or die-cut handles. Due to this accessibility, companies may balance offering high-quality packaging and successfully controlling costs.

    Customizable Branding Opportunities:

    Paper handles that are twisted offer lots of room for branding. Businesses can boldly display their logos, taglines, or contact information on the handles by printing, embossing, or applying labels. Customers carrying the bags function as walking billboards for the company, a subtle yet successful type of promotion.

    Easy to Attach:

    The bag’s twisted paper handles are simple to attach, enabling quick and straightforward production procedures. They can be firmly secured with adhesive or threading through the bag’s pre-drilled holes. This simplicity of attachment promotes efficient production and lessens the possibility of handle-related flaws.

    Sum Up

    A Paper Bag with twisted paper handles might seem minor, but they are extremely important to the bag’s usability, toughness, and aesthetic appeal. Twisted paper handles are a wise choice for companies offering high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions because of their strength, comfort, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Businesses can improve the quality of their bags and their brand reputation and image by considering the advantages of twisted paper handles. Reach out to Krishna Lamicoat, India, for the best quality twisted paper handles at affordable prices today.

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