Plotter, Marker Paper & Graph Paper



Lectra, Gerber, Algotex, TKT, Signet, Hewlett Packard, Richpeace Plotter and Marker papers are specially developed to meet the specific needs of plotter machines in CAD operations.

  • Compatible to use  on all CAD systems including Assyst, Aster, Gerber, Graphtech, Hewlett Packard,  Investronica, Ioline, Lectra, Morgan, Richpeice, etc.
  • Flush , wrinkle free and uniformly Wound.
  • Branded in-house produced new strong concentric fresh paper cores with accurate inner diameter.
  • Each roll packed in strong moisture resistant laminate along with core plugs for edge protection.

Width – upto (304 cm) 120″
Heat seal Plotter to be (228 cm) 90″
maximum width.

Krishna’s uniformly 1” marked Graph Paper.

  • Provides true for length and width
  • Ensure accurate registration and full-width marking

Width –  Maximum up to (162 cm)64″

Premium Quality Standard Quality Economy Quality
Virgin pulp paper in 60 & 70gsm Recycled paper in (162 cm) 64″ and (182 cm) 72″ Recycled paper in 48gsm


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