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    The Advantages Of Using Paper And Polyfilm For Packaging

    The Advantages Of Using Paper And Polyfilm For Packaging

    Paper and polyfilm both have high demand as Packaging Solutions. There are a lot of advantages to using these materials for packaging. But to get quality paper or polyfilm, you must rely upon a reputed Paper and Polyfilm Manufacturer. If you opt for any of Kolkata’s Best Paper and Polyfilm Suppliers, contact Krishna Lamicoat Pvt. Ltd.

    Let’s look at the benefits:-

    • Advantages of Paper Packaging
    • Benefits of using Polyfilm Packaging

    Advantages of Paper Packaging:

    • Sustainability
    • Versatility
    • Opportunities for branding and design
    • Protection & Cushioning
    • Recyclability and Circular Economy


    Paper packaging is thought to be more eco-friendly than plastic substitutes. Since, it is recyclable and biodegradable, eco-aware companies like it.


    Paper packaging offers flexibility in design and customisation because it comes in various shapes, including boxes, bags, wraps, and cartons. Cut, folded and moulded to fit various product forms and sizes.

    Opportunities for branding and design:

    Paper packaging offers many surface areas for branding, product information, and attractive designs. High-quality graphics, colours, and textures can be printed on it to improve the visual appeal and advance brand identification.

    Protection & Cushioning:

    Paper products, such as corrugated cardboard, provide excellent shock absorption and cushioning capabilities, safeguarding delicate things during transportation. It reduces the chance of damage and guarantees that the products reach the customers in the best possible shape.

    Recyclability and Circular Economy:

    Paper packaging can be recycled several times, lowering the need for raw materials and promoting a circular economy. By fostering resource repurposing, it aids in creating a circular economy.

    If you need any Paper and Polyfilm Manufacturer for the best quality Packaging Solutions, contact the Best Paper and Polyfilm Suppliers in India, contact Krishna Lamicoat Pvt. Ltd.

    Benefits of using Polyfilm Packaging:

    • Durability
    • Lightweight
    • Transparency
    • Moisture and Vapor Resistance
    • Cost-Effectiveness
    • Customisable
    • Extended Shelf Life


    Polyfilm, or plastic film, is highly robust and resistant to tearing and punctures. It offers a dependable defence barrier against moisture, dust, and other outside factors that can harm products.


    Polyfilm’s small weight has advantages for energy efficiency and transportation costs. Due to its modest weight, it uses less fuel during shipment and emits less greenhouse gasses.


    Customers can view the goods within the box without opening it, thanks to polyfilm packaging’s transparent or translucent alternatives. This may be useful for promoting and exhibiting goods that rely on aesthetics.

    Moisture and Vapor Resistance:

    Polyfilm provides excellent moisture and vapour resistance, essential for preserving goods sensitive to humidity or needing a controlled environment.


    Polyfilm packaging is frequently less expensive than other types of packaging. Businesses can save money by using it, especially if they need a lot of packing.


    Polyfilm can be produced in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and formats, giving manufacturers the flexibility to satisfy a variety of packaging needs. Heat sealing, shrink wrapping, or lamination are all options for creating specialised packaging.

    Extended Shelf Life:

    Some polyfilm varieties, such as barrier films, provide improved defence against oxygen and light. In doing so, you can keep things from spoiling, oxidising, or losing their colour. 

    Closing Line

    Packaging made of paper and polyfilm, each has unique benefits and uses. You must select the suitable packaging material based on the product’s properties, environmental concerns, branding requirements, and consumer preferences. If you opt for any of the Best Paper and Polyfilm Suppliers, then contact Krishna Lamicoat Pvt. Ltd. It is a reputed Paper and Polyfilm Manufacturer and can offer the best Packaging Solutions In Kolkata and other countries.

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